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(D) MKNC-12A Eccentric Elevator Torque Tubes

(D) MKNC-12A Eccentric Elevator Torque Tubes

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- Price is for a LEFT/RIGHT set -

Manufactured strictly according to the Cozy MKIV Plans drawings, the MKNC-12A left/right set solves a major "draft" issue in the Rutan line of canards. Sealing off the gap around the torque tube is far easier than the standard Long Ez type torque tube assembly. Perfect for new built canards or an upgrade to rid of the air leaks around your torque tubes.

Each part is TIG welded using both CNC, and laser cut 4130-N Steel then coated in wash primer for corrosion protection. 

Added Value: Delivery within 60 days of being ordered. No more waiting around for large batch orders. ;) 

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